Be the Change by Bonnie Thompson Norman

The quote by Gandhi has been a guiding light to me for many years. It was recited before the Indian Parliament by President Barack Obama in November 2010 as an expression of good will and common goals. There are also quotes by others meant to inspire both action and reflection. The book is a traditional style palm-leaf structure indigenous to the Indian region and culture. This was a collaborative effort by participants who came together for the first time in a weekend workshop. It is their expression of good will.

Artist Bio

For Bonnie Thompson Norman books are a passion and a profession. She has been proprietor of The Windowpane Press for over thirty years. She learned to print at The Woman's Building in Los Angeles where she took the class so often she became the teacher's assistant and, eventually, the Studio Director. It was that community-centered environment which forged a lively and involved dedication to teaching letterpress printing and book arts to as many people as possible in an affordable and accessible atmosphere. Currently residing in Seattle, Bonnie works as a hand bookbinder in a commercial bindery and teaches classes in printing and book making in her home studio. Bonnie produces works varied in content, technique, craftsmanship and structure that offer challenging questions, provocative puns and inspiration about timeless and/or contemporary issues in the form of broadsides and artist's books. Her work is in public and private collections, both nationally and internationally, and has been included in numerous exhibitions and publications.