Attempted Fix by Tyler Starr

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Attempted Fix: Dams Bases and the Resulting Wobbles in Japan explores cross-relationships between the anti-dam and anti-U.S. military base protest movements. Factual data and historical references amassed during seven years of research in Japan are imbued with poetic associations and offered as points of departure for the reader. Unintended consequences and contradictory intentions that commonly appear in politics, protest movements, construction projects and everyday desires are explored as essential to the attempts to "fix" perceived wrongs in the world. The word "wallowing" encapsulates a critical element of this work and has several definitions. One is to revel in an emotion. Another is to struggle through something like mud. Attempted Fix commemorates these dual human conditions.

Artist Bio

Tyler Starr's mixed-media works on paper combine research, direct observation, and elements of yellow journalism to visualize social and spiritual conundrums in such forms as prophetic motorcades from declassified FBI documents and imposing geographical sites associated with tragic stories. He is interested in the ways printed information has been used from its very beginnings to map human endeavors and combines collage, stencils, and drawing to present factual information about controversial cases. His work has been exhibited internationally at Yale University's Haas Arts Library, New Museum for Contemporary Art (New York), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of LiŠge (Belgium) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan). Starr graduated with a PhD in Studio Arts from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts in 2011 where he was a recipient of the Japanese Ministry of Education Scholarship.