In 2005 Hedi was teaching in Ascona, Switzerland at the Centro del Bel Libro. I learned the structure of the panorama book there. So I decided 10 years later to make a book with the title ASCONA MEMORIES. 8 small pieces of beach glass I collected at the Lago Maggiore only a few steps from the school are representing all my memories. While making the book I was overwhelmed by the memories that came back to me. I could see Hedi teaching in that historical place, the weather was beautiful, we learned so many things from Hedi, we had a coffee every day at Al Porto. The book does not have a cover. So for a change you can hang it on the wall like a wall hanging. The book, the frames and the slipcase are painted and printed in blue, which corresponds to the Lago.

Artist Bio

Helga was a teacher. 30 years ago she took bookbinding classes in Munich with a Swiss bookbinder. She learned the traditional bookbinding, making paste papers, marbled papers, different bindings of paper books and making slipcases as well. At the end of the 1990s she lived in Richmond, VA, for 2 years. In the States she took book art classes at different places and with different teachers. Helga met Hedi at the Center of Bookarts in New York City. This was a big adventure for her, because bookmaking got a very different twist now. Experimental challenges were a very new experience for her. Hedi told her that she was teaching in Europe, too. So when Helga was back in Germany again she took classes with Hedi in Ascona, Switzerland, at the Centro del Bel Libro at the Lago Maggiore as often as Hedi was teaching there. Helga ows Hedi a lot, a very new approach to bookmaking. Helga is making fabric books now adapting Hedi's methods and altering them when working with fabric which is very different from working with paper. Hello Hedi, thank you!