Are You Having Trouble With My Gender? by Florian Palucci and Alex Barnawell

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This book was written by Alex Barnawell and Florian Palucci, who both use singular they/them pronouns. As nonbinary (we don't identify as male or female) transgender (we don't identify with the gender we were assigned at birth) individuals, we find ourselves battling gender conventions in language on a daily basis. Language is one of a myriad of arenas in which trans people have to fight for recognition and respect of our identities. This book was born out of many, many misgenderings. It was created with the intention of being a primer on gender neutral pronouns and why care must be taken when using gendered language.

Artist Bio

Florian Palucci cannot remember a time when they didn't love books. They are infatuated with the intimacy, absorption, and educational possibilities of books as vehicles for art and writing. Exploring their own ever-evolving (trans)gender identity, bodies, vulnerability, ambiguity, food, color, and diversity of perception, Florian makes work in an effort to understand their personal history and how it relates to the wider world. They are currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Alex Barnawell shares a passion for books and words with Florian, and this book is the first collaborative work to come out of their partnership. Beyond words and book making, Alex is fascinated with fibers, sculpture, and print media. Alex will be earning their BFA at SAIC Fall of 2014.