Architexture by Andrew Topel - SOLD

for too long, poetry has set docile on the page. the architexture series sets dynamite to the poem and explodes it into multiple dimensions. language shrapnel embeds itself into the mind & heart of the reader/viewer. poetry is no longer safe...   From a series of visual poems based on architecture. The pages attempt to expand off of the flat page by creating three-dimensional textual structures.

Andrew Topel’s work demonstrate a brilliant scaffolding of thought and language. The words are more than words: they are supports and wings and evidence of artistic power. Their many variations, emanations live beyond themselves. They lift with eyelight into a distance that they help devise. Topel’s architextures offer the concrete bounty of their wholeness, while singing affirmations of each tiny increment of stroke. Their vibrant motion elicits with immediacy, infinity. One feels and sees from up close and from far away to find a world. Andrew Topel’s visual poetry is the best argument we have for celebrating the alphabet.