Apparitions Among Us by Louise Cabeen —BEST OF SHOW AWARD!

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In researching aspects of the Divine Feminine, I learned to my surprise that apparitions of the Virgin Mary had been reported in the continental United States during my lifetime. My initial response to this discovery was to research these sightings and document them in a series of large drawings that formed an installation. Inspired by the response the drawings received, but frustrated that the opportunity to share large-scale installations are so few, I created these books. The accordion format allows the images to be seen as a group, as well as providing me with the opportunity to tell the story as I understand it behind each apparition. Apparitions Among Us consists of four 6-panel accordion books, each revealing the locations and stories behind a selection of contemporary apparitions of the Virgin. One accordion focuses on apparitions of Guadalupe, one on apparitions that have occurred in rural settings, etc.


Artist Bio

Lou Cabeen lives and works in Seattle where she balances her working life as an artist with her working life as an associate professor of art at the University of Washington. In both arenas she is a passionate advocate of the tactile joys of fiber and textiles, especially stitching. For the past several years she has been combining this passion with an equally avid attention to maps, map-making and the book arts.