Apartheid by Nancy Orr

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I made this book to raise awareness of the conditions in Occupied Palestine beyond the information I've shared with my family, neighbors and social media friends. I was shocked when I heard a Palestinian Christian priest speak in 2013 about the conditions in which Palestinians live under Israeli military rule. How did I not know about this? I had read of the controversial Israeli Jewish settlements in the West Bank. I was unaware this was only one section of Israel's long record violating international laws and human rights standards in their treatment of the Palestinian people. I am stunned that after demanding the end of Apartheid in South Africa, the United States has supported establishing a similarly cruel, racist system of Apartheid in Occupied Palestine with billions of U.S. citizens' tax dollars. I am appalled to be financially contributing to the forcible removal, segregation and daily harassment of Palestinian families in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Artist Bio

Nancy Orr is a calligrapher and occasional book artist. Her work tends to respond to personal relationships, nature, and social causes. She lives in Portland, Oregon.