Anthology of Sky by Susan Collard -SOLD!

Like much of my work, this collaged book uses a variety of materials: metals, glass, wood veneer and paper on birch aircraft plywood and reclaimed wood. I wanted to make a book relatively free of constraints. The title, Anthology of Sky, seemed to suggest the kind of loose compilation I had in mind. The term"anthology" is both descriptive and paradoxical—the book is a little magpie's nest of found material, but one with very little text. Its images quote freely from the history of art and science. The front six pages of the composite accordion structure emphasize the light blues of daytime skies. The back two pages are a tribute to night skies.

Artist Bio

Susan Collard is a Portland book artist and architect whose firm, In-House Architecture, focuses on residential remodeling. She first encountered artists' books in 1991, while in the graduate creative writing program at the University of Arizona. She has been making one-of-a-kind collaged and constructed books ever since. Her work has been featured in many group shows, including multiple exhibitions sponsored by the Guild of Book Workers, 23 Sandy Gallery, Abecedarian Gallery, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Her books are in the collections of a number of major libraries and universities, including the University of Oregon, the University of Washington, Stanford, Emory, and Yale.