Another River Dream by Andie Thrams

FIELD STUDIES is an ongoing series of unique artist’s books and paintings drawn, written and painted in the field using twig, brush, pencil and pen. Each book illuminates one wild species or habitat with text often addressing grief over environmental degradation and habitat loss. ANOTHER RIVER DREAM was painted during a private white water rafting expedition with dear friends on Oregon’s National Wild and Scenic Rogue River. Being together for many days, in a beautiful wilderness, invited us all into a shared experience of love and friendship, as we floated downstream, ran rapids, cooked and camped, watched the river flow by from shore at day's end, and slept under the stars... we truly shared a river dream. Hand-lettered text woven into painted imagery describes the dreamy delights of sinking into a wilderness river trip among kindred spirits. To make my books I go into wilderness locations for hours, days or weeks at a time. While there I work with ink, pencil, watercolor and gouache on folded or rolled sheets of paper--easier to carry to faraway places. The content is unplanned and is completed in spontaneous response to each unique place and experience. The traces of fieldwork remain: rain and paint spatters, stains, debris, and other wild marks.

Artist Bio

California-based visual artist Andie Thrams uses watercolors in wildland forests to create paintings and artist’s books that explore mystery, reverence, and delight, while grappling with the vanishing habitats of our era. Merging the lineages of illuminated manuscripts and natural history field journals with a contemporary art and science awareness, her paintings weave intricate botanical detail into rich layers of shape, color, and hand-lettered text to evoke the complex interconnections within ecosystems of the Greater West.