and capture the moon by Amy Arnold

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and capture the moon is a story about marking ground, digging a protected hole, allowing rain water to fill hole, reflecting the sky on the surface of the water, and capturing the reflection of the moon. An elemental story about the built world, and capture the moon invites a broad range of interpretation and allows inclusion of meanings from multiple perspectives. The book suggests ideas about marking ground, defining levels of protection, and allowing disruption as a catalyst for resulting wonder. It celebrates the fundamental abstraction inherent in compressing and combining the earth and sky in built work.

Artist Bio

Amy Arnold holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia, a Master of Fine Arts in studio sculpture from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in crafts. Pursuing the relationship between ideas and the physical configuration of materials within a discrete space, is a fundamental thread in Amy's work.  This thread is expressed in the three dimensional space of site and garden design, the two dimensional space of drawings, and the sequenced patterning in the pages of a book. Within Amy's artist's books, three dimensional spaces become compressed and abstracted; time is expressed as each book is experienced, page by page and fold by fold. Gardening is among Amy's related interests, including the cultivation of eight types of southern and northeastern heirloom apples at her home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.