Anatomical Inquiry by Angela Batchelor -SOLD!

Anatomical illustration has a long and rich history. Even with the advent of digital media, old textbooks like Gray’s Anatomy have a way of continually charming us with a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Although I have no formal training in medical anatomy, I am continually fascinated by the images of various bodily structures. My work utilizes the tradition of flap anatomy to engage the viewer kinetically. Historically, this format was intended to be descriptive of an actual cadaver and function as a teaching tool for medical students. The peeling back of successive layers not only mimics the act of dissection, but also invites curiosity. Individual organs (kidney, liver, lungs, stomach, eye, gallbladder, brain, heart) are isolated against a colorful transparent "cell", imbuing each one with a sense of preciousness. The organs transform when each piece is moved to delight the viewer.

Artist Bio

Angela Batchelor currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two sons. She teaches courses in Basic Design, Color Theory, Drawing, and Book Arts for Portland Community College. Angela has an MFA from Boise State University. Her background is in painting and printmaking, but she fell in love with calligraphy, paper and book arts since moving to Portland. Her work meanders between expressive mark-making and mixed media pieces to ones that focus on religious, social and scientific themes