An Ocean Between Us by Mark Sarigianis

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Seen through the eyes of a sailor at sea on an international container ship, An Ocean Between Us by Martin Machado reveals the connections that link modern ocean commerce to the maritime endeavors of European colonialists. The book's text alternates between short stories, poems and detailed engravings. It is typographically and visually inspired by the Captain Cook Adventure Logs of the 1700's and the artwork is reminiscent of old-master book engravings. Like the Captain Cook books, An Ocean Between Us uses Caslon influenced typefaces and lots of spaced capitol letters both roman and italic in homage to the original logs. The author's writing and artwork is influenced by his time as a merchant marine and commercial fisherman and the overall design of the book is meant to feel old and new at the same time. Printed damp in order to get a firm type bite. The book was cast on a 30 pica measure and hand adjusted to a 60 pica measure with 6pts of leading. The page layout is based on the golden rule.

Artist Bio

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