An mein Fahrrad I by Magda Klemp

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A bicycle tour from Germany to Istanbul In this book I describe our journey from Germany to Istanbul 2013. We were three girls and went by bicycle all the way. I connect our experience with a text from Gansan Tschinag. He describes his relation to his bicycle in a very intensive way and I mark the highlight of each day. The observer can follow the trip, where we slept, how many km we made per day, ... I was so impressed, how much we could sweat, how much we could eat and that it's possible to go so far by muscle power.

Artist Bio

She is a book artist and will finish her Diploma in book art this summer at the „Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle". Her main emphasis is paper and how to make intresting paper books and objects. This include the game with letters and the form of the book. An other big emphasis is traveling. She went to many countries, stay one year in India and in the last years she discover the traveling by bicycle. She präsent her books and objects on many book fairs in germany and international and in group exibitions. She and three fellow students got a scholarship to participate at the 5th Codex in Richmond.