Ambassadors for the Great Kaan by Carol Norby

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My Hedi Kyle epiphany came when I learned from her the variety of forms, text and imagery that can be used to reveal an idea. I've always been enchanted by the way a structure can convey meaning. As a working illustrator I knew the importance of story. Making the transition to book arts, found me learning that story, image and form don't always follow a typical codex structure. That is the brilliance of Hedi Kyle, and the lesson learned. Structure can convey meaning to a book. Perhaps a simple lesson but profound in its expression. The idea of The Travels of Marco Polo and the amazing experiences of a 17 year old youth going to China and the myriad cultures he witnessed on his journey from Venice to Cathay in the 13th century begged for a puzzle-like structure that would reflect the route he took to meet The Great Kaan. Using a structure that would open, fold and reveal scenes of travel that he might have experienced was my primary intention.

Artist Bio

Carol Norby lives and works in her magical studio surrounded by birds, trees, woodland animals, two cats, a very kind husband, her muse and confidant. She never asks what she should create but which idea to pursue. She loves a challenge and all the "what ifs?".