AMAZONS by Diane Jacobs - SOLD

AMAZONS celebrates women's power by imagining the lives of legendary warrior women. In a world where violence against women is rampant and misogynist ideologies govern, I found solace in Adrienne Mayor's The Amazons: Lives & Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World. The written and visual material in the book was inspired by and derived from Adrienne's dedicated research. There are ten India ink drawings of Amazons printed letterpress from polymer plates. Each book opens with a unique pulp painting of a burial mound, clouds, and carved moon cast in handmade paper, and features a three-color pop-up map depicting the names of these nomadic peoples and the regions where they roamed. The paper for the map folio and dedication moon has been hand-dyed using onion skins. The five signatures are sewn on vellum tapes, leaving the spine visible, and a 23k gold-leaf crescent moon adorns the cover, welcoming viewers to explore the book.

Artist Bio

Jacobs uses materials that surprise and stimulate associative and visceral reactions in an effort to interpret society and initiate change. Through her creative process she examines and conveys the complexities, contradictions and injustices of our world. MFA in printmaking- San Francisco State University (1996), Leo D. Stillwell Graduate Scholarship (1995), James D. Phelan Award (1997), Kala Art Institute Fellowship (1997), Women's Studio Workshop Artist Book Residency Grant (1999), Artadia award (2000), Signal Fire's Artist Backpacking Residency (2013), Regional Arts & Cultural Council Project Grant (2012, 2008 & 2005), RACC Professional Development Grant (2009, 2014), Career Opportunity Grant Oregon Arts Commission (2010) with The Ford Foundation (2015) PLAYA artist residency (2016) and The Ford Foundation Oregon Visual Artist Mid-Career Residency Award (2016). Her prints/artist books are in Getty, SFMOMA, De Young, Achenbach Foundation, New York Public Library, Library of Congress, Walker Art Center, Yale, Stanford, and Reed College among others.