All I Need is Everything by Sarah McCoy

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I made this work for multiple reasons: I think about the mercy and grace extended to me from God and I consider how I can act in that manner towards others. The small text discusses the cycle we go through of beginning from doubt to faith to lack of understanding to clarity/fully realized in our life, resulting in the fact that we need everything working in our lives. This work can become profane in thinking that we don't need anything, yet in fact we need everything.

Artist Bio

The name, The Permanent Collection hints at the interest in the staying-power of quality craft and design. Since the Press's founding, Sarah has worked on many custom projects, art prints and has been retailing her work both nationally and internationally. Her primary interest is in the unique pairing of new and old processes such as photopolymer, wood and metal type within a singular piece. As well as, celebrating visual history and elevating everyday imagery. Sarah has been printing since 2001, while earning a Graduate Certificate from The UI Center for the Book and a M.F.A. in Graphic Design from The University of Iowa. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Drake University.