Alguna de nuestras partes by Daniela Ragan and Camila Araya (Soft Cover Edition)

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We install invisible, but conspicuous divisions between ourselves and other people. Socially constructed institutions and aesthetics (cultural, socio-economical and political) front as the rubric for a collective propriety, but none of these is inherent to the natural world. The elementary structure of this book is intentional. Without distraction, we emphasize the essential to our survival: water, plants, animals. We suggest that blood, the vital principle, is intersectional, occupying space between biological and social. Blood is not only the means by which we breathe, but also for how we live. It is a tool to mark space: spilt blood is a byproduct of force, tropes of war and profanity; moon blood is life-giving, a sacred ability to ensure the survival of our species. If blood is able to dismantle synthetic social institutions by separating consecrated spaces from inhospitable ones, the notion that our neighbor's blood is discrete from our own deprecates that which actually empowers us to live. The poem and its translation: Como el agua entre agua, es en vano medir la sangre contra sangre. Se dice que uno manda pero sin el otro no hay nada. Like water in water, it’s in vain to measure blood in blood. They say that one is thicker, but without the other you have none.
This title is available as two editions: a deluxe, hardcover edition, and this softcover version. Both books have the same printed pages.

Artist Bio

Letra Chueca / Crooked Letter Press is a small operation using traditional machines and techniques to produce quality printed goods and smart design. Through conscious practices rooted in a culture that supersedes borders, they intertwine craft and art, lo folkl¢rico and the literary. Each project is crafted entirely by hand, from concept designing to putting ink on paper. Letra Chueca is co-founded by Camila Araya and Daniela Ragan, two patiperras, hailing from Chile, who share a vision: to operate a sustainable, multicultural space dedicated to the craft of letterpress and binding here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.