Alabama Kitchen by Annie Herlocker

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This cookbook explores the uniqueness and growing presence of small farms in Alabama. Three Alabama farms contributed a total of 24 homegrown recipes to this culinary text. My goal when making this book was to produce a finely crafted object using precious materials that could also be used as a practical tool in the kitchen, without worry of dirtying the pages. It is precisely the visible use that will bring this book into its ideal state. Several blank ‘notes’ pages are included in the back of this book for taking notes or recording personal family recipes.

Artist Bio

My initial discovery of woodcut printing eventually led to my interest in bookmaking. It was after I made a second print from a single woodcut that I realized printing multiples did not equate to printing duplicates. It is the ritual of making editions of a piece of work that is central to my relationship with making art. I find comfort in producing multiples and in technical details; this has led to my current fascination with hand papermaking.