Ago by Donna Stepien

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A commentary on the erosion of trust.

Artist Bio

Donna, a communication design educator for 30+ years, has led book/journal crafting classes/workshops for art professors, at a womens’ shelter, in a UNESCO-funded program in Poland; in design and typography classes at colleges in Massachusetts and New York, to high school students, in a Massachusetts Department of Education Grant-sponsored teacher-education course using design to teach Math and Science, and at craft centers. Donna integrates mindfulness and meditation-inspired philosophies—inspiring creative and thoughtful exploration—in her book/journal crafting and typography classes. Donna holds a BA in Psychology with area study in Fine Arts from Daemen College, an MBA from Canisius College, and an MFA from University at Buffalo. She studied Art Therapy at Goddard College, and various Education courses at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Landmark College Institute for Research and Training. Her writings and artwork have been published/exhibited, especially in New York state and New England.