Adam’s Error, Only One Bite by Susan Bonthron - SOLD!


Some believe Adam’s error in the garden lay in taking only one bite. This artist book is about the myth of Adam in Eden, the intersection of belief and reason, and the mathematical discoveries that represent the ‘bites’ each scientist or mathematician tastes of the whole mythical fruit that represents what can be known of our universe. My choice of mathematicians was inspired by Michael Guillen’s book, Five Equations that Changed the World: the Power and Poetry of Mathematics (New York: Hyperion, 1995).

Artist Bio

Susan Bonthron has been the owner/operator of Otter Pond Bindery in Guilford, Vermont since 1997. She studied book arts with Paulus Berensohn, Julie Chen, Daniel Kelm, Claire Van Vliet, Hedi Kyle, Linda Lembke, and at the Center for Book Arts in NYC and the North Bennett Street School in Boston. Her artist books have appeared in international exhibitions in the US and Australia, and are held in public and private collections across the United States. She belongs to the Guild of Book Workers, and her book entitled “Horizon: A Poem by Billy Collins” is currently touring with the GBW traveling show “Horizon: An Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Bindings” (June 2012-June 2014). Susan teaches classes at the bindery and in Deer Isle, Maine and has conducted residencies throughout the northeast and abroad.