A Yankee Forester's Tale by Laurie Weiss - SOLD!

Relocating from New York to the Southern Baptist deep South in a two-day drive is quite the cultural shock, even if you're not a Jewish female forester. Life is different. The people are different. And while you retain the core of who you are, you also change. I had written some tales of my experiences in adapting to this new place soon after I had left it for the Northwest, and in rereading them for this book I relived many of them. As difficult as adapting to my life there was, it was also fun, amusing, and enlightening. I arrived a Jewish female Yankee forester, and left two years later with a strong southern accent and a deep understanding of a very gracious people.

Artist Bio

Laurie Weiss has been studying the art of the book for over twenty years with numerous masters across the country. She is a book artist who creates hand-bound, unique and limited-edition artist books that invite exploration. She has participated in national and international book arts exhibitions. Her books are collected by individual collectors and are in major collections at libraries and universities. Laurie is on the Board of Focus on Book Arts, a five-day biennial conference consisting of workshops, lectures, trade show, and exhibits.