A Story That Could Be True by Myrna Keliher

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Believe it or not, I printed this broadside on an 8x12 Golding Jobber. It was a private commission and was reprinted with the permission of the Estate of William Stafford. I set the type first and worked out the linocut illustration to complement it. The piece was printed in five passes, first the three blues of the linocut (two of which were hand inked), then the poem, and lastly the colophon. The technical challenges due to the oversized sheet forced a lot of experimentation and problem solving, which resulted in several important design decisions that wouldn't have occurred otherwise. The type is Perpetua and its companion italic Felicity in 10pt, 18pt, and 36pt. Many of Grey Spider Press' works were printed from this very same type.

Artist Bio

Myrna Keliher is the proprietor of Expedition Press, located in Kingston, WA. She is a letterpress printer, bookbinder, and poetry publisher. She holds a B.A. in Literary Arts from the Evergreen State College, and completed a long-term apprenticeship with Stern & Faye, Printers. Myrna's prints and books have been exhibited in a number of states and found their way to private collections on five continents. Equally at home on press_and in the mountains, Myrna_dedicates her days to the production of beautiful and useful things.