A Mealtime Blessing by Bonnie Thompson Norman

I learned this mealtime grace when my children and I were visiting my dear friend Jill Littlewood who learned it from a friend of hers. The blessing concludes with a squeeze of hands that travels round the table from one person to the next. This book is meant to be like that pressing of palms: acknowledging with gratefulness family, friends and the bounties which some of us are so fortunate to receive. The book comes in a wrapper, which gives brief details of what living and working conditions have been for the people who harvest our food. It is intended to remind us that our food does not appear at our table without great effort on the part of workers in the field. This is a palm leaf book, based on indigenous book structures throughout Asia, India and the Pacific.

Artist Bio

For Bonnie Thompson Norman books are a passion and a profession. She has been proprietor of The Windowpane Press, a letterpress printing and book arts studio, for nearly thirty years and works full-time as a hand bookbinder in a commercial bindery. Evenings and weekends, she teaches classes in printing and bookmaking. Her studio has many things found in a traditional print shop and bindery as well as a wonderful library. Works produced at The Windowpane Press reflect concerns about timeless and/or contemporary issues, offering challenging questions, provoking puns and inspiration in the form of broadsides and artist’s books. Works produced at the press are in institutions and collections throughout the United States and in New Zealand, France and England.