A Little Time by Robert Rowe

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A warm autumn afternoon is the ideal time for reflection on the profound underpinnings of our existence and the connections among them. Time, sunlight, bread, and dank mold that claims all living things—yet also nourishes them. I reflect on these as I make a yeasty beer bread, and follow the path of the sun across the sky, realizing we live on the thinnest of fragile films on a sphere spinning in time and space. All one can say is “Thank you.”

Artist Bio

Robert Rowe has taught graphic design, book arts and design history at Bradley University since 2000 and is the director of the Gold Quoin Press, a collaborative printing and publishing venture between the university and the community. He is also the founder of the Printers Rowe group, a print collective of letterpress enthusiasts. In what spare time he has provides instruction on printing and binding. His artist's books are in libraries and private collections. The Gold Quoin Press is always on the look out for talented you writers interested in collaborative printing and publishing projects