A Linotype Matrix-Slide-Being Contemplates the Night Sky by Brian Bagdonas

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Printed in honor of the 2014 American Typecasting Fellowship Conference, this keepsake print was created using all Linotype cast ornamentation and types from the model 31 at Stumptown Printers. Letterpress printed in 4 runs. Here, our little pal recognizes the individual beauty of letters in the night sky.

Artist Bio

Brian Scott Bagdonas has worked in the commercial print industry since 1992. He first got a taste for print and small "mom and pop" print shop culture as a result of making zines and record covers in support of his hometown underground music scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The art prints he makes now celebrate the commercial print tools of the mid-twentieth century, a time (in Brian's opinion) was the pinnacle of craft print within the commercial realm. His work primarily uses Linotype machine cast composition, but also makes use of hand-set foundry type and other "analog" relief print methods. |