A Hand for a Rookie Clock by Gwido Zlatkes

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A long poem (or a cycle of short poems) on different aspects of time passing. Set to music by Ann Frenkel—a recording from a public performance is an integral part of the book.

Artist Bio

Jerzy Ficowski (1924 –2006) was a prominent Polish poet, author of 16 volumes of poetry (of which only Odczytanie popiołów—A Reading of Ashes have been translated to the English. The poem A Hand for a Rookie Clock, first published in 1985, is very typical of Ficowski as well as for modern Polish poetry in general: witty, paradoxical, playing with language, addressing important social and metaphysical issues in a seemingly light and irreverent way. Frank L. Vigoda is a translator, printer and proprietor of Vigoda Press and Theatre Vigoda in Riverside, CA.