A Colorful Tale by Barbara Tetenbaum

$90.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
This book illuminates how few words are needed to ignite the imagination of the reader. It is part of a larger body of work that I have created in this direction since 1994 which I refer to as 'text paintings'.  A Colorful Tale was created for an exhibition ENGAGE: Color, Ritual & Material Studies at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania (November 2014). It uses a stark white paper with a special 'hammered' surface for both text block and the entire case binding.

Artist Bio

Barb Tetenbaum has been printing editions of artist books under the imprint Triangular Press since 1979 when she was studying with Walter Hamady at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her artist books are grounded in traditional and experimental letterpress techniques though recently many have been produced using digital technologies. Her work has been exhibited and collected across the US and Europe. Currently she is Professor and Department Head of Book Art at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR.