A Biological Case Study of a Relationship by Katherine Pulido - SOLD! —*LIBRARIAN'S CHOICE AWARD


A Biological Case Study of a Relationship is a mixed-media book object that investigates the imposition of power over emotion through scientific means. The book consists of 100 hand-etched and water colored slides representing various biological trace findings collected over the course of a seven-year relationship. Accompanying this set of evidence slides is an eleven-page booklet categorizing the data into three tables: Table A categorizes samples into types (sweat, bile, skin cells, etc.); Table B applies temporal measures to the samples giving a timeline for collection; and Table C applies a Well-Being-to-Hopelessness Scale to the samples. This attempt to prove the existence of love through precise scientific means and to categorize the ineffable and abstract builds on themes of truth and narrative manipulation (or, lying and invention) I investigate in some of my other works.

Congratulations to Katherine Pulido, a LIBRARIAN'S CHOICE AWARD winner for Infinite Possibilities!

Artist Bio

Katherine Pulido was born in San Francisco to a Japanese-American mother and a Mexican father. Growing up she gravitated towards art and creative writing and received a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley. As a Book Arts and Printmaking MFA candidate at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she has been working with original illustrations and creature development. She has interned with Peter Kruty Editions in Brooklyn and at the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts in Philadelphia where she is currently learning offset lithography.