9-11 Through My Eyes by Susan Fichter

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As a native New Yorker, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center had always been an intimate part of my life. I worked with and knew many people who worked in the buildings. When the towers fell amidst the carnage of 9/11, I was spiritually and emotionally distraught. My husband was one of the few survivors of the disaster. This horrific event affected the city spatially, emotionally, conceptually and spiritually. I created this book to commemorate this tragic historical event. It represents both the buildings in their original form and the deconstructed piles of rubble they became, the memory of the buildings’ former grandeur and the lives lost. The diminishing folds create a sense of perspective. The book is sewn together with sharp edged copper wire, reminiscent of the tangle of steel beams. Painted pages, cut up and collaged, suggest geometric patterning at odds with the formal architectural structure of the intact buildings and the holes in peoples’ lives as a result.

Artist Bio

Susan Fichter has been involved with art and crafts her whole life. Along with an obsession for books, her interest in Book Arts was a natural progression. The natural world holds a fascination for the artist and she hopes the fluid nature of her work portrays this love of nature. After studying Landscape Architecture in college, she worked with Architects and Engineers for many years in NYC. She moved west to Oregon to live and work on her farm, immerse herself in nature and make art. She loves book arts as it provides a tactile experience, an opportunity to share writing, and the opportunity to share drawing and painting. She loves studying the traditions involved with book binding and exploring and reinterpreting them.