9-11-2001 by Karen Koshgarian

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September 11, 2001 was the day that slapped me awake politically. I chose to make an altered book using a 2001 CA State Political Handbook. Like the towers, the book is tall and thin. I cut away pages in the center vertically, to represent the towers, and then covered the book in photographs I took of the Twin Towers in 1980, and finally, I used news photos showing the events as they happened that day. The final touch was creating an enclosure clasp with two charms that came to me serendipitously. The front cover has an airplane and the back has a fireman's hat etched FDNY. Once I finished this book, my obsession with the event subsided, but my political awareness was now fully awake.

Artist Bio

Karen Koshgarian discovered artist books after retiring from a 32 year career as a high school art teacher. She joined Bay Area Book Artists in 2000, and found an immediate venue for expressing ideas that could not be created exclusively in her well explored media of painting, drawing and photography. Creating artist books has become a passion for her because it allows for the combining of media, ideas, and physical ways of interacting with art. Karen is currently spending a year in Portland devoting her time to exploration, imagination, wandering and wondering. She is living a dream of art camp.