89.3 million dreams by Guylaine Couture *BEST IN SHOW AWARD (3rd Place)

The theme of dreams immediately made me think of migrants and refugees. For me, the power of these people's dreams is immense. They are the embodiment of extraordinary courage and determination. For their dreams, this segment of the population will accept incredibly difficult, sometimes inhuman, living conditions.

My book "89.3 million dreams" is about exiles who dream about a few recurring themes: escaping violence, giving their children a good education, living in freedom, and so on.

The cover shows some of the roads refugees must travel to reach their dreams: paths, borders, uncertain times.

Each double-page spread features an engraving. I present a profile surrounded by the darkness of his life, with a few openings to breathe through. Printed on maps, these 86.3 refugees are all over the planet. The engravings are shorter than the double-page spread, making it impossible to open the book completely. People are constrained in their current lives.

I dedicated this book to them.

Artist Bio

An artist, graphic designer and teacher, Guylaine Couture designs artists' books to create works where content and container merge to make the message more powerful. Her books revolve around themes that touch her: feminism, ecology, grief, migration, etc., which she treats in evocative layouts and inspiring fictions where every word is weighed up. It's the fruit of a long process of reflection, construction and deconstruction using recycled materials, illustrated with photos, drawings and prints.

Guylaine Couture has made artist’s books for several years. After years of drawings, gouache and collages, she took a workshop on binding which put her on the track of the artist’s book. It became her main discipline, but she also keeps on creating works on paper.

To create a book allows for an exchange with the reader both by the text and by the touching of it. The artist mulled over the reaction of the visitor in front of the book and made her work evolve in order for the emotion to be there. For her, the «reader» has to live an experience.

She regularly takes part in exhibitions in various countries, and her books have been acquired by national and university libraries in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Guylaine Couture lives and works in Magog (Canada).