3 damsels, a reliable fiction by Guylaine Couture -SOLD!

I found a 2 1/4 photographic negative on the street. When I saw the three young women, I decide to make my book about them. I invented a life for every one of them. For me, they became young Polish girls living in Montreal. Alicja and Halina are sisters and Yetta, a friend. Alicja and Yetta work together. I chose to bring out all the important events in their lives. I used a cellular binding structure, each cell being a moment in life. The girls are in the middle of the book. Behind them, their past, in front, their future. Each one has a color link that help to follow their story. The photos have no copyright and came from everywhere in the word. For me, it is a way to express that our blood is very mixed and it is almost impossible to know exactly our roots.

Artist Bio

Guylaine Couture lives in Montreal, speaks French, teaches graphic design and shares her discoveries on her blog. She started making artist books after a short bindery workshop some years ago. She has this obsession with creativity and paper for a long time. As a graphic designer, Guylaine is upset by the enormous quantities of paper and words used and abused to push a commercial message. The re-use of printed documents, pieces of photos, and chosen words is a perpetual game for her. Using collage, drawing and manual printing, she tries to give a new direction, a second life to this material. Each book attempts to create a fusion between the contents and the container while questioning the manipulation of the object by the reader. Browse slowly one of its artists' books is an experience, a conversation, a relationship with her and her concerns. She participated in exhibitions in Canada, the United States, in England and Australia.