2021.008.001 (The Mystery) by Jennifer Viviano

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2021.08.001 (The Mystery) is a thought-object about how we use language to both understand and mystify what we see, what we know, and how we express those things. Whispers that seem beyond what we think we can know: obscure, maybe unseeable, but deeply important. It also points to how memory (is memory history?)—what we keep and how we explain material culture—looks as an artifact. It queries what we leave out of our questions and answers. Despite its defiance of our concrete and linear world, encounters with deep mystery can profoundly shape us. This often happens in quiet, unexpected, in-between moments. And sometimes these encounters occur within an object that seems like a blank slate.

Artist Bio

Jennifer Viviano makes two- and three-dimensional works using paper, graphite, and porcelain. While much of her work seems visual and sculptural, it is all rooted in the mark, text, books, and the languages we use to understand the world. Raised in Reno, Nevada and deeply informed by its strangeness and beauty, she has now lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than half her life and makes her home in Portland, Oregon. She holds an MFA in Applied Craft + Design, a collaborative program between Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art, and a BA from Willamette University.