14 Mysteries by Bea Nettles

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These keys were found in a cluster when we moved here in 1984. Their purposes have long been forgotten. After twenty two years they hang on a hook in the basement. No one has the heart to just throw them away. One never knows when their role in our house will be revealed.

Artist Bio

The exhibition career of experimental photographic artist Bea Nettles began in 1970 in "Photography Into Sculpture," at the Museum of Modern Art. Nettles has taught at several major universities since 1970. She has delivered lectures and workshops internationally and is widely recognized for her innovations in mixed media photography and photographic books. Her handmade books appear in Handmade Books, 500 Handmade Books, The Nature of Craft & the Penland Experience, The Book of Alternative Processes, and have been reviewed in Bonefolder, Umbrella, and JAB12: The Journal of Artists Books. Her work can be found in online journals, videos and podcasts. Museums as well as special collections libraries contain her work and she has received two National Endowment for the Arts Photography Fellowships and grants from the New York and Illinois State Arts Councils.