The Gravity Series by Casey Gardner -SOLD OUT!

What is this unseen force that, like love, is vital to life? This series of books reckons with gravity as a universal, yet intimate force holding everything in perpetual motion and relationship. Each book explores how we live with forces we cannot always control, but rely upon; forces that we can- not see, but feel. Magnetically held in a sturdy portfolio printed to reveal the science behind gravity, each of the three books tells a tale of this vital and mysterious force in terms of falling, climbing and orbiting. So  finely tuned is gravity, that if its quantity had been infinitesimally altered, our universe could not have emerged and life would not exist. As one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, gravity is strong enough to hold galaxies together as they reel around the cosmos, and precise enough to give weight to each individual held on earth. Like love, gravity is an unseen yet essential force. HOW TO FALL: Gravity guides our velocity into the unknown. In life, things can fall into place, fall in or out of line, or through the cracks; so many ways to fall. Falling in love is a plunge of in nite permutations, and varying weights.This sublime catapult can be exhilarating yet daunting when a new center of the universe emerges. Meanwhile, falling is a lapse of control, of abandon, and falling from grace can unleash havoc. ALL THERE IS: This book is about trust,  finding your own center of gravity and moving your own weight. Humans are forces of nature  nding their own way amidst forces of nature. Climb- ing is a negotiation of gravity while tethered to another. Sometimes letting go is the way to progress and rise. A STAR CLOSE ENOUGH: In orbits, two mutually attracted bodies revolve around a joint center of mass, located in the space between them. In relationship, two bodies move closer together and farther apart as they mediate their distance, following the shape of their orbital path. Meanwhile, our earth is gravitationally bound in the most propitious orbit around our sun, making us just the right distance to receive its life-giving energy.

Artist Bio

Casey Gardner grew up in the Rocky Mountains and worked as a journalist before studying printmaking and graphic design at California College of the Arts. As a book artist, she creates multi-layered narratives exploring elements of science and human nature. She writes, draws, prints and binds her own work with Set in Motion Press. She lives in Berkeley, CA with a Vandercook in her back yard.