Interluceo by Helen Hiebert and Béatrice Coron

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This book derives from my eternal interest in geometry, paper and light. Interluceo means to shine or gleam between; to be transparent; to let light through gaps. The white handmade papers feature seven intricate geometric watermarks in a cotton/abaca paper blend, relating to the numbers one through seven and their corresponding shapes (point, line, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, septagon). Seven papercut illustrations by Béatrice Coron grace seven sheets of translucent handmade abaca paper in the hues of the rainbow, and the illustrations portray the mysteries of life: a baby in the womb, a couple, a child, the child gaining strength and running to embrace life, the building of a home (the pentagonal shape), exploring the world and finally spiritual contemplation. Light and color are the magicians that make watermarks, shadows and shapes appear and disappear as you turn the pages. Helen wrote a terrific blog post about the creation of this book, which can be found here.

Artist Bio

Helen Hiebert is a Colorado artist who constructs installations, sculptures, films and artist books using handmade paper, thread and light. She teaches and lectures about papermaking and lamp-making and exhibits her work internationally. She is author of the books Papermaking with Plants, The Papermaker's Companion, Paper Illuminated, Playing With Paper, and Playing With Pop-Ups. Helen has an extensive network of paper colleagues around the world and her interest in how things are made (from paper) keeps her up-to-date on current paper trends, which she writes about in her weekly blog post called The Sunday Paper. Helen's most recent installation, called The Wish, is a giant dandelion sculpture at Anythink Huron Street Library in Thornton. She holds an annual paper retreat in her Red Cliff studio each September.