The Installation Has Begun!

The Installation Has Begun!

This one is going to be quite the feat of installation. Just hours after we packed away all the Book Power books, book cases and shelves, then cleaned and patched the gallery on Sunday, our July artist, Diane Jacobs started working on her installation, which is titled Bowing to Paradox

Diane has a very ambitious plan for transforming the entire gallery into her vision of mobiles and kinetic sculptures that will make us appreciate the delicate balance of life. 

First step, she covered the gallery windows with black paper leaving just a peep hole you will look into from the sidewalk at a mobile made of wish bones lit from behind. Next up, her leaves burned with lines of poetry started covering the main walls of the gallery. Then, she started nailing up close to 100 combs woven with her trademark hair. Thanks to her husband Dan's help (the ever-appreciated artist spouses can never be thanked enough), Diane is making fast progress at what looks like it is going to be a bit of a mad dash to finish installing before the gallery opens at noon on Thursday. 

Stay tuned. We'll try to post a few more photos as Diane progresses. After that, Diane will bring in a real photographer to capture the beauty she is creating and we'll post more thorough coverage on the 23 Sandy web site.You can preview Diane's other work on her own web site here.

In the meantime, wish her luck!