The Curious Sensuality of Enclosures

The Curious Sensuality of Enclosures

Here's a terrific quote by Hedi Kyle, "Good packaging not only enhances the object side, it also heightens the sensuous pleasure and curiosity to reach it."

This is something I wish more book artists would think about when making books. Not only do enclosures such as slipcases, wrappers or boxes enhance an artist book, but the protection aspect is of utmost importance as well. Of the hundreds of artist books that we currently have in inventory here at 23 Sandy Gallery, I would guess that only 10% have a considered enclosure for either protection or enhancing the concept of the book. A good enclosure is something I encourage artists to create more often. It does not have to be complex, even a simple folded envelope can be helpful.

Hedi wrote a book titled, Library Materials Preservation Manual, that covers a few wrappers and slipcases. Plus there are many books, online tutorials and workshops that cover all types of boxes, slipcases and more.

There is also a terrific 55-page PDF that I received in a workshop many, many years ago. This awesome compilation includes a multitude of instructions by Hedi Kyle. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which workshop or which instructor to credit with assembling this very helpful manual. It covers so many different enclosure options (some with detailed instructions and some limited to basic drawings) including: six kinds of wrappers from corrugated cardboard preservation wrappers to hard cover wrappers; four kinds of boxes including the often-needlessly-intimidating clamshell box; four variations on the slipcase including a slipcase with chemise to her famed multi-section slipcase to a non-adhesive slipcase; plus several folders and envelopes and more. So, to whomever assembled this PDF, thank you and I hope you don't mind me sharing with our artists who are creating new work for the HELLO HEDI exhibition.

P.S. As an added bonus, the PDF contains instructions for making several other folded forms and books including the Hedi's Belt Fold, Blizzard Book, Crown Book and more.