The 23 Sandy Gallery Exhibition Archive 2007-2017

The 23 Sandy Gallery Exhibition Archive 2007-2017

Over the first 10 exhilarating years of 23 Sandy Gallery, we organized 20 international, juried book art exhibitions. These shows featured unique and limited-edition artist books, broadsides, letterpress printing, calligraphy and more—really, any form of book and paper art. Each in-depth, themed exhibition presented 50 to 75 works by up to 60 artists from across the United States and from as far away as Japan, Germany, England, Argentina, Australia and all points in between. Most of the shows were juried by respected librarians and curators who always brought rigorous, thoughtful, intelligent consideration to their selection of works to include in the exhibition.

In what came to be an integral part of these exhibitions, we published full-color printed catalogs for 16 of those 20 shows. We saw these catalogs as an important way to document the art, the artists, the juror's thoughts and more—all preserved in print for the inspiration of future book artists and researchers. Libraries across the country purchased catalogs and it was always gratifying to hear of these catalogs being cataloged in their permanent collections.

The 23 Sandy Gallery Exhibition Archive 2007-2017 is a boxed set of all 16 juried book art exhibition print catalogs presented in a custom acrylic box. The set also includes a four-panel brochure listing all 93 exhibitions presented in the gallery over those first 10 amazing years.

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In addition to all those juried book art shows, 23 Sandy proudly presented solo exhibitions and small group shows for local, national and international artists ranging from book artists to photographers, designers, sculptors and even a rousing group show of altered world globes. The juried exhibitions were huge endeavors, taking several months to produce. They could not have happened without the art and artists—but also the help of many, many supporters, volunteers, interns, gallery visitors and librarians who helped make it all possible. Thankfully, there was also one supportive husband who proofread every catalog. Thank you to everyone who helped make these exhibitions a dream and a reality.

Online, you can click here to see a one-page timeline off all 93 (yes, 93!) exhibitions on the 23 Sandy Gallery web site.

We hope to preserve this online documentation for many years to come.

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