Portland Book Arts Workshops

Portland Book Arts Workshops

Being a huge fan of Oregon College of Art and Craft, I am forwarding this list of early spring book arts workshop and classes. One class I highly recommend is Susan Lowdermilk's woodcut class. Susan is a good friend and terrific teacher who also teaches book arts and design in Eugene.

Here's the promo from OCAC:

Spring workshops and classes are filling fast at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, but there are still a few with plenty of open spaces and time to register!

Check them all out at www.ocac.edu, or call 503-297-5544

Note: the last day to register for Intermediate Letterpress is coming up quickly - February 9!

Woodcut and the Meandering Line In this workshop, students will design, carve and print a two-color (8x10) multiple block woodcut. Each resulting image will then be included in a group portfolio with the theme, 'transience.' Students will incorporate a pre-cut meandering line from their given wood block into their composition and at the end of the workshop each student will have a portfolio containing prints from everyone in the class. Time permitting, students learn to create a hard cover accordion artist book from the group's prints. Examples of woodcut prints and artist books from the instructor's collection will be presented and discussed. Prerequisite: None. Location: Calligraphy and Print Studio Instructor:  Susan Lowdermilk Dates  March 17-18, 2012 Days:  Saturday/Sunday Time:  9:00am-4:00pm Total Price:  $300 ($280 tuition + $20 studio fee)

The Unbound Book: Exploring Painting Techniques for Book Arts Inspired by a simple box of flash cards, students will explore the narrative possibilities of a stack of cards that can be read and rearranged in multiple configurations. These cards will become the ground on which to experiment with stencils, beeswax varnish and a variety of painting techniques including sanding and transparent layers. Students will edition a set of flash cards to exchange with each other and construct a paper case to hold their project. Prerequisite: None. Location: Calligraphy Instructor:  Lisa Onstad Dates:  March 31-April 1, 2012 Days:  Saturday/Sunday Time:  9:00am-4:00pm Total Price:  $230 ($195 tuition + $35 studio fee)

Drypoint and Chine Colle on the Vandercook Press A variety of image-making techniques using the Vandercook Press will be explored during this one-day intensive workshop incorporating the printing-collage technique of 'chine colle.' Students will use Plexiglas plates as an inexpensive method for creating prints. Types of inks and additives, paper preparation, registration and special tools will be discussed in depth. Prerequisite: None. Previous experience with letterpress printing or other printmaking techniques is helpful. Location: Calligraphy and Print Studio Instructor:  Rory Sparks Date:  March 3, 2012 (ONE DAY ONLY) Day:  Saturday Time:  9:00am-4:00pm Total Price:  $130 ($110 tuition + $20 studio fee)

Survey of Offset Lithography for Artists Offset lithography in its current form has been around for close to a hundred years. Known primarily as an industrial production printing technique, offset printing (particularly the use of small format machines) has played an integral role in the history of independent art, design, and literary printing. Often perceived as being technically complex, this survey will help demystify this printing technique through classroom discussions and on-site shop visits. This four-day workshop will introduce students to the basic principles of offset lithography, touch on its social history as well as its use in the commercial printing industry, and provide an overview of machine function, manual image composition and plate making. Through hands-on exercises students will engage in mechanical image composition using both traditional and artistic techniques, and collaborate to produce a finished edition using those images, which will be printed at a local print shop. Prerequisite: None. Location: OCAC Print Studio and Stumptown Printers. Instructor:  Clare Carpenter & Eric Bagdonas Start Date:  March 10, 2012 End Date:  March 31, 2012 Days:  Saturdays Time:  10:00am-2:00pm Total Price:  $300 ($250 tuition + $50 studio fee)

Intermediate Letterpress This eight-week class aides students in refining their letterpress technique by focusing on details, tricks and tips to help improve printing and confidence in the pressroom. Building on students' prior experience with letterpress printing this class delves deeper into typographical concerns, ink properties, paper qualities, registration and creative problem solving, as well as going over common printing challenges, trouble-shooting and basic maintenance of the Vandercook Proof Press. The first four weeks will revolve around in-class group lessons that help expand students' skills on the letterpress. In the final four weeks, students will be encouraged to bring in individual projects that pose specific problems or challenges. This class can be used as a capstone for the fall term Beginning Letterpress (BA801) class, but will also be valuable to anyone with Vandercook experience who wants to take his or her letterpress printing to the next level. Prerequisite: BA801 or equivalent letterpress experience. Location: Book Arts Classroom and Print Studio NO CLASS DATES: Mar 29 Instructor:  Clare Carpenter Dates:  February 16 - April 12, 2012 Days:  Thursday Time:  6:30-9:30pm Total Price:  $295 ($245 tuition + $50 studio fee)