Portland Art Spotlight

Portland Art Spotlight

Velveteria Museum of Velvet Paintings 2448 E. Burnside St., Portland

One of my favorite places in Portland is Velveteria. You really must visit this “only in Portland” original. Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin have collected over 2,500 velvet paintings—that’s right, black velvet masterpieces—and have created a fantastic museum just a few blocks away from 23 Sandy Gallery. You have to stop in a few times a year as they rotate works from their amazing collection.

Chronical books published an award winning book of their collection and they have been featured everywhere from Anthony Bourdain’s books and TV show to CBS Sunday Morning to the upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. Caren and Carl have the best stories to tell of their collecting adventures and have created what is truly one of Portland’s treasures.

Their new show “CHIHUAHUARAMA” is now on view at the museum. Their web site says, “Puppies and man’s best friend abound. This might be one of our favorites. Continuing to fight cultural deprivation one velvet painting at a time.”

Stop by and visit soon! You can find out more information at the Velveteria web site here.