Photographic Artist Books

Photographic Artist Books

A New Curated Collection

Photographic artist books use photography as their main image medium. Our latest curated collection features the work of photographers and book artists from gallery inventory who use artists books to showcase their photographs, reinforce their conceptual intent or even illustrate innovative structures. Some are purely visual books that allow the images to tell their own story, and some marry image with text to form a compelling narrative.

Photographic artist books have a distinguished history, going back to Ed Ruscha's highly coveted books, including titles such as Twenty Six Gasoline Stations, which he created in the 1960's. In today's digital world—where cameras are ubiquitous and home digital printing can be extremely high quality—photographic artist books are more popular than ever.

Be sure to stop by the gallery to get a close-up look at these imaginative beauties.

Above image: © Vicki Topaz