Now Showing: Ink + Metal + Paper

Now Showing: Ink + Metal + Paper

On view at 23 Sandy Gallery through February 27, 2016

Ink + Metal + Paper is an invitational exhibition curated by the folks at C.C. Stern Type Foundry, a working museum and non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the art and industry of the typographic form located here in Portland. Ink + Metal + Paper features letterpress work from a select international roster of renowned printers and includes books and broadsides showcasing the use of metal type, ornaments, and border elements in relief printing.


The exhibit includes the work of twenty-four printers, from as close as Portland to as far away as Belgium. It also includes representative pieces from C. Christopher Stern, Jules Remedios Faye, and Jim Rimmer, three book artists who inspired the C.C. Stern Type Foundry since its early inception.

Artists featured in this exhibition include: Brian Bagdonas, Inge Bruggeman, John Christopher, Jennifer Farrell, Julia Ferrari, Rebecca Gilbert, Patrick Goossens, Joseph Green, John Grice, Barbara Henry, Richard Hopkins, Darrell Hyder, Myrna Keliher, Emily Larned, Norman McKnight, Sarah Nicholls, Pat and John Randle, Amy Redmond, Mark Sarigianis, Ivan Snyder, Jessica Spring, Barbara Tetenbaum, Sandy Tilcock, and Jenny Wilkson.

Learn more about the C.C. Stern Type Foundry here.

Above image credits: Top, Arabesque Heart by John Christopher. Bottom, Verse of Light on press at Jessica Spring's studio.