Now Showing at 23 Sandy: Infinite Possibilities

Now Showing at 23 Sandy: Infinite Possibilities

23 Sandy Gallery is pleased to present Infinite Possibilities, and juried exhibition of artist books featuring works from 46 artists from across the US, Canada and Australia.

The subjects of art, math, and science aren’t nearly as disparate as they sometimes seem. By those in the know, meaning those left-brained, analytical types, math and science are often viewed and described in artistic terms: the eloquence of an equation, the beauty of a concept. And as those right-brained, creative types can attest, critical exploration will often result in unique creations and unexpected discoveries. To all subjects, the spark of imagination is essential.

Infinite Possibilities shows us how math and science can be used as a source of artistic inspiration to book artists who are thinking creatively about such topics. Taking a wide range of approaches—from serious to humorous—participating artists explore mechanical and theoretical concepts extracted from a diverse range of scientific fields: from mathematics to medicine, space, architecture, engineering, physics, genetics, botany, biology, and more.

Juried by Laura Russell, owner of 23 Sandy Gallery and by guest co-juror Dina Scheel, a Bay-area book artist and collector, Infinite Possibilities features the work of the following artists: Alexis Arnold, Rachael Ashe, Alicia Bailey, Susan Bonthron, Servane Briand, Patty Bruce, Macy Chadwick, Judith Christensen, Susan Collard, Kindra Crick, Katie Delay, Timothy Ely, Casey Gardner, Patricia Grass, Karen Hardy, Lucia Harrison, Paula Jull, Heather Kasvinsky, Margarita Kloss, Bryan Kring, Susan Lowdermilk, Erin Mickelson, Cathryn Miller, Bessie Smith Moulton, Catherine Nash, Cynthia Nawalinski, Janis Nedela, Jackie Niemi, Carol Norby, Tara O'Brien, Meryl Perloff, Dr. Bob Pliny, Katherine Pulido, Sibyl Rubottom, Elizabeth Sanford, Jean Segaloff, Julie Shaw Lutts, Maria Talavera, Andrew Topel, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Katherine Venturelli, Laurie Weiss and Marilyn Worrix, Thomas Parker Williams, Karen Wirth, Beverly Womack, Dorothy A. Yule.

Infinite Possibilities: Math, Science, Book Arts On View: November 30 – December 29, 2012 Artists Reception: First Friday, December 7, 2012, 5:00-8:00 p.m.