Now Showing at 23 Sandy Gallery: Broadsides

Now Showing at 23 Sandy Gallery: Broadsides

Before books, before blogs, before broadcasts, there were broadsides. Historically, single sheet broadsheet posters were ephemeral in nature. They were developed in the fifteenth century for royal proclamations, official notices and even advertisements. Today, broadsides hang at the intersection of art and literature. Letterpress printed broadsides are valued as fine art designed and printed by a true craftsperson; but also as fine literature featuring stellar poetry or prose.

This show features many of your favorites from Sandy Tilcock's lone goose press and Knight Library Press, to new editions from Cathy DeForest, Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring. Also featuring two stellar new works from Helen Hiebert.

Or, stop by the gallery before March 14th to see this show in person.

See you soon,