Now in Stock: Artist Book Year Book

Now in Stock: Artist Book Year Book

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So, you've all heard me gush about Sarah Bodman and her work at the University of the West of England Center for Fine Print Research before. Sarah puts out an amazing array of research, publications, books, journals and more, all focused on advancing our field of book arts. Her job as a research fellow at the university is unmatched here in the United States and I for one am grateful for her hard work.


This year's Artist Book Year Book looks fantastic. Another compendium of who's who and what's what in the book arts—around the world. 


You can pick up your copy here at 23 Sandy. I have only 10 copies on hand, so get here quick. Cost is $25.

Here's a list of what you will find in this year's book as listed on the UWE Web site: 
Over 600 artist’s book listings from 207 national and international artists. Reference listings of: collections, libraries, archives, bookshops, galleries, centres, design print & bind, publishers, dealers, presses, studios, competitions, fairs, festivals and exhibitions, journals, reference books, organisations, societies, websites, academic projects, touring programmes and courses.

Essays include:
John Bently on books and community; Earle D. Swope’s extraordinary account of how he came to be a book artist; an update on the work of the collaborative artists’ group AMBruno; a study by Eileen O’Keefe of Sarah Jacobs’ thoroughly absorbing - Drawn from the Inventory: the Notebooks of Elisabeth Faulhaber; Jackie Batey celebrates the 10th issue of Future Fantasteek!; Lawrence Upton has written on his extensive art collaboration with Guy Begbie; Davy & Kristin McGuire explain their beautiful performance piece The Icebook; Nicola Dale looks at the artistic potential of book destruction, and Radoslaw Nowakowski asks: Is a hypertext (artist’s) book possible? Linda Newington explores the book works of SALT + SHAW; Paulo Silveira reflects on the start of his recent academic project: The University and the Artist’s Book, and Reinhard Grüner shows us some of the very special presentation copies of artists’ books in his collection.

Artists’ pages by:
Amir Brito Cadôr, Eric Doeringer, Lara Durback, the Idaho Book Artist’s Guild, Susan Johanknecht, Paul Laidler, SALT + SHAW, Clare Thornton and Maria White. Cover design by Tom Sowden. 

Pick up your copy today!