New Works in Inventory from Marian Crane

New Works in Inventory from Marian Crane

Marian Crane recently sent three new works. Her stitched, embroidered and beaded artist books has always been popular with fans of "Uncommon Threads."

Marian tells us about The Truth Remains 2.0:

On a striped white linen background, over sixty layered sewn collages of found and commercial fabric, digitally printed images, text, glass beads, hand-inked text, embroidered text, and carved bone and pewter charms weave a text about the National Rifle Association’s disturbing links with white supremacist groups, foreign governments, and Christian theocratic factions within and without the United States of America.

“Ignore the Truth. Forget the Name. Rewrite the History. Erase the Word. Silence the Voice. Destroy the Haven. Pass the Blame. The Truth Remains.”

The central text is embroidered in red thread atop heavily altered fabric-printed maps of school shooting locations, NRA headquarters, Washington DC, and Mar-a-Lago...   Continue reading about The Truth Remains 2.0 here.