New artist books from Poppy Dully & Lynn Skordal!

New artist books from Poppy Dully & Lynn Skordal!

Whenever new books arrive, I feel like a kid in a candy store! Unwrapping the treasures such talented artists have entrusted to me never ceases to be a thrill. This time it is a pleasure to present new books by Lynn Skordal and Poppy Dully. Two favorites of collectors everywhere, these artists produce work that is innovative and compelling—and both have unique styles, making books like no one else.

Poppy Dully is a Portland-based artist of many talents. She is a printmaker, painter and more, and if you ever have a chance to see her studio during Portland Open Studios (held each year in October) be sure to stop by. She's a gracious host, lovely soul and all around smart artist.

Poppy's books involve a unique confluence of literature and cinema. She uses pages from vintage or classic books, rebound on an accordion structure, which are then attached inside the original vintage book covers and dust jackets. The pages are original monotype prints that illustrate key scenes from the movie or stage version of the book. Sometime she is able to find two copies of the same book and then uses the "ghosts" of her monoprints, still rich with dark inks, which results in a variable edition of two copies. Such a brilliant concept!

Lynn Skordal has a way of creating artist books with collage that are smart, intelligent, dreamy, curious, creative and not to mention superbly technically perfect. Her unique artist books are a joy to show off to both book arts fans and those new to the medium. Her collaged pages draw viewers deep into the images first, and then once they are drawn in, I point out that they are created with painstaking old-fashioned scissors and glue. Lynn’s perfection always draws admiration. Not a rough cut or goober a glue can be found anywhere and her incorporation of vintage books, papers and other found objects create further dimension. In addition, Lynn's subject matter are always smart and thought-provoking. Not one for fluffy, pretty collages, she tackles topics ranging from feminism to Hitler to art history, to science and more.

Happy browsing!