Miniature Book Spotlight

Miniature Book Spotlight

Welcome to the World of "Miniature Books"

In the United States, artist books are considered 'miniature' when they are no more than three inches in all dimensions. In other countries, they might be up to four inches. Coveted by collectors for their charm, artistry, and affordability, this special genre of the artist book world is well worth seeing.

We are showcasing these tiny treasures in the Gallery right now. You will be delighted by these pieces and perhaps even be inspired to try your hand at creating your own. In the meantime, enjoy this miniature glimpse into our inventory.

 Portland artist, Linda Welch, works in a variety of media. Her Concealed Within series is a collection artist books with a focus on visual texture, color and composition. Her books are visually tactile and meant to be experienced.

Alicia Bailey is a studio artist from Denver, Colorado, who is currently focusing on book forms as interactive sculpture. Although Bailey often works with unexpected elements, January incorporates traditional materials and structures.

Washington artist, Jill Timm, made her first book in the fifth grade. Having maintained her fascination with the book arts, Timm offers several fine examples of her work. A flip through Flower Delight will thankfully take you back to summer.

Wildflowers form A-Z are beautifully illustrated in Spring Wildflower, from Peter and Donna Thomas. Truely a handcrafted book, Donna's watercolor botanicals and Peter's handmade paper, make this accordion book a beauty. The Thomas' reside in Santa Cruz, California and their work brings their love of nature to life.

Laura Davidson's, Espresso Pot 6 Ways, is sure to jumpstart your interest in miniature artist books. The influences of travel, art history, and architecture frequently show up in her work. Davidson lives in Boston, Massachusetts and along with books, makes mosiacs and boxes.

Be sure to visit us and explore this fascinating world of miniature artist books.