Last Weekend for The Poetic Pen!

Last Weekend for The Poetic Pen!

Portland has a rich history in the art of calligraphy, beginning with the world renowned Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College who was an oft-acknowledged inspiration of Steve Jobs. The last six weeks have continued that tradition with not only the incredibly inspiring conference that brought 500 calligraphers to, of course, Reed College, but also with our international juried exhibition called The Poetic Pen.

If you haven't seen The Poetic Pen yet, be sure to stop by today, Friday or Saturday. We'll be here Noon to 6:00 p.m. and then we are off for summer break.

Come see works like the one shown above. Another wonderfully expressive book from Portland artist Inga Dubay, The Ecstasy: Contour, Gesture, Value, Perspective is a brilliant combination of playful brushwork on both opaque and transparent papers. Gorgeous! Click here to learn more about Inga's book.